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Finding your Twitter friends in Google Buzz

Before performing the below steps, you must click the "4 connected sites" link and add your Twitter account as a connected site.

1) While in G-Buzz, click on the "Find people" link

2) In the "Follow more people" field enter your friend's username or email address.

3) Click Search

Yes, it's just that easy!

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Visit the Linkedin's Jobs Tab

Many professionals have found that proper use of social networking sites such as and help to quickly identify and market to hiring managers and recruiters. By properly completing your profile, you will instantly connect with people you have gone to school with, worked with and associated with.

For example, if you have your heart set on working at the University of Pennsylvania, the largest employer in Philadelphia, after logging into, you can search on “University of Pennsylvania” , find and connect with several people who work there. More importantly, you will be able to quickly identify if there are people who work for the University of Pennsylvania that are already in your network. or allows you to connect with people who are technologically advanced.

Additionally, once you’ve joined a group, you will see the job postings listed in that group. Groups are online cafes where people of similar interests connect. Job recruiters and job seekers are often found discussing news and information in their respective industries.
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Highly informative tech info

Hey, technology is not just for geeks any more!'s weekly hosts are informative AND entertaining. Of course, I value the contests, but I listen because I know that I learn something new.

eh, btw, I'm also one of the host! Go figure :-)

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Connect to Chris Brogran

One of the top Social Media Knowledge Leaders of the decade.


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Insightful Social Media Knowledge Leader

A must have on your reading list.
A must follow for your social network.

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Most useful website

The Philadelphia Free Library is one of my top 10 most useful sites.

It is a time saver because one can reserve a book in advance.

Once you have logged into your accoutn, be sure to check out the audio books via OverDrive Media. This will allow you to download a books audio and take it with you. So, you can "read" a book while doing housework, working, walking, etc.

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SEPTA Strike, Social Media Solution

On election day November 2, 2009, many Philadelphians found themselves in a pickle. SEPTA workers, Transport Workers Union Local 243, had gone on strike. This action created a challenge for nearly half a million public transit riders of buses, subway, and trolley service in the Philadelphia - as well as the Frontier Division buses in Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties.

As during previous challenges in America, however, the citizens used technology to aid and inform those in need. Twitter posts were ablaze with the "SEPTA" trending topic. Soon twitter users realized that this time the effects the strike would be different. They now had an open and free medium for communicating transportation needs with one another. Riders did not need to feel abandoned.

Drivers who had an available seat in their vehicle would post on Twitter which area of the city they were coming from, which area they were going to and the time they were traveling to let riders in need gain an opportunity for a ride. If the driver was leaving 52nd & Market Streets at 9:00 a.m. going to Germantown they would simply post "@9:00 a.m., D: 52nd & Market Streets A: Germantown, Seats Available: 2 #havearide". "D" indicating departure and "A" indicating arrival.

Conversely, if a riders needed transportation from Chestnut Hill to Broad and Olney at 10:30 a.m., the rider would post: "@10:30 a.m., D: Broad & Olney A: Chestnut Hill, Seats needed: 1 #needaride"

By connecting those in need of a ride with those who had available seats, Twitter users made the SEPTA workers strike less of a hardship for innocent riders who were left stranded.

Once again, social media brings social solutions.

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Review of the DocuPen RC800 Handheld Scanner

Making the Paperless Office a Reality

It is not often that one will find me in my office. While I love a leather executive office chair as much as the next business mogul, I love the great outdoors event more. It is for this reason, I need office equipment that is durable, effective and mobile. Planon's DocuPen Scanner RC800 is one handheld scanner that fits my very active lifestyle.

At first glance, it looks like just another fancy pen. As a matter of fact, while I was working and enjoying a cup of coffee at my local café, one of the customers asked me if he could borrow my pen. When I pointed out that this "pen" was a scanner, he could not believe his eyes, so I showed him how this duplication device works. Slightly larger than a real pen, the DocuPen easily fits into my briefcase. I use it mostly to scan in signed contracts while I am off-site meeting with clients. As an added benefit, using this tool enhances my company's profile as an environmentally conscious company, pending B-Corp status because we use the power of technology to save tree, go paperless and create public benefit. It is unusually easy to use. As a matter of fact, all I have to do is run the flat part of the Docupen over my document and it is saved to the DocuPen's memory. I can connect the the pen to the USB cable and the cable to my laptop, then voilà! I am ready to move my scanned document to my computer.

The most convenient feature is the color mode option. The Mode button allows me to scan in color, black and white or some variation thereof.

The set-up was reasonably easy. I inserted the DocuPen CD, selected PenTwain from the menu to install the software, then selected the DocuPen application to install. Once I connected the USB port to the pen and then to my computer, it found the drivers and installed. Upon set-up, I would recommend allowing the DocuPen to stay connected to your computer for 50 minutes so that the DocuPen can fully charge.

Priced, just under $300.00, this little tool will be a great replacement for the scanner that SOMEONE managed to break in my home office.


The following components are included in the Planon DocuPen scanner RC800 product package:

- The DocuPen RC800 scanning unit

- USB cable for communication with PC (Mac) & recharging.

- Installation CD containing DocuPen PenTwain driver, DocuPen stand-alone application & PaperPort Software

- Quick Start Guide

- Leather Case

As far as tech essentials go, the DocuPen RC800 portable handheld scanner is one of the most useful tools that I have in my mobile arsenal.
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Public speaking rider

To ensure that event participants are pleased with the results of your engagement, we request the following provisions:

In preparation of event
  • Formal emailed letter of speaker request on organization's letterhead identifying the events exact date, time and location.
  • Free parking is provided
  • Detailed directions to meeting room provided at least 1 week prior to event
  • Speaker is offered advanced participation in all media related interviews
  • If tickets are sold or donations are received for the event, immediately after event, speaker receives 50% of donation made with check payable speaker's selected nonprofit*
  • Free event admission is given to speaker and speaker's assistants
  • Any press releases mentioning event, must include link to speaker's website
  • Speaker's assistant is given access to meeting room at least 1 week prior to event to survey setup areas
  • Space provided for speakers Banner display
  • Space provided for speakers Ad table

During event
  • Theme music is played when speaker is being announced (music provided by speaker)
  • Speakers provided bio is read
  • Announcement is made that books are on sale
  • If food is served, take home trays are provided for speaker and speaker's assistants
  • Bottled water provided for speaker
  • Participants complete provided Speaker Feedback Survey
  • Speaker's assistants distribute flyers
  • Speaker's assistants may take pics and simulcast event

Post event
  • On organization's letterhead, letters of thanks with mention of value of in-kind donation of time and follow-up letters of recommendation provided, if requested
  • Any press releases mentioning event, must include link to speaker's website
  • Speaker is provided an emailed copy of all pics and videos for event for full unrestricted use

*Speaker may waive this condition

Twitter and Chicken. Birds of a Feather

KFCImage via Wikipedia

When Popeye's Chicken posted their first tweet, there was not much fanfare. As a matter of fact, very few people noticed outside of Joe from Now that Popeye's, KFC and Church's Chicken all have Twitter accounts, maybe things will get interesting. So far, these fast food giants have been online fine feathered friends (oh come on, you KNEW that alliteration was coming) . @kfc_colonel has commended @PopeyesChicken for having such great friends. Meanwhile, @ChurchsChicken shows no shortage of self-appreciation.

With KFC's Unfry Day coming up and its partnership with @oprah to offer free Kentucky Grilled Chicken Two-Piece Meal Coupon, we shall see if the combination of a Twitter presence and free food will boost sales for the Colonel. Is it just

Popeyes Chicken & BiscuitsImage via Wikipedia

a coincedence that the very next day, Church's will announce its “Renewed Community Focus” and call to put away gimmicks and get down to the business of “Community”? Now that many consumers are staying home and cooking for themselves, are we in for a kinder gentler fast food war? (I blame Obama and hope.)

But, seriously, I can't help but to wonder how difficult it must have been to convince the key decision makers of these companies to buy into the social media hype.

See what happens when your Marketing Director doesn't recognize genius quickly enough. Your company name goes on sale to the highest bidder. No worries. Somehow, I don't believe any of these Tweet'amis campaigns will compare to Burger King's Subservient Chicken, anyway.

Church's ChickenImage via Wikipedia

Current "blue crescent" logo (1999–p...Image via Wikipedia


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

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